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Website Development Services, at an affordable price

A website is your mirror on the web. You might have read about how easy it is to do it yourself, or how free tools can save you money. Nothing could be further from the truth!

There are a lot of reasons why you should turn to a professional to build your website and there are even more for choosing a freelancer. And by freelancer, we mean a professional, like me!

Website development is not as simple as they say it is. Free and budget solutions offer limited capabilities. Maybe they are ok for experimenting or for a personal website. However, if you need a business website you should turn to a professional. Your friend that “knows how to do it” will just not do for professional work.

Website development is not only setting up and installing a theme and its demo. It is far more complicated than installing a few plugins and putting them in place. There are incompatibilities that might crash your site.  Installing a lot of plugins might slow you down intensively. So can images if you do not know what you are doing.

So you definitely need a professional. If you do not want to pay huge amounts for just a duplicate of someone else’s site, a freelancer is your solution. An experienced freelancer like Anastasia to guide you and build your new responsive website.

Website development is no longer a pain, neither in your mind nor in your pocket!

Feel free to browse my portfolio and contact me for details, or use Upwork or Peopleperhour

Website development services provided

Website Develoment

That suits your own needs

Responsive, looks great in all sizes

Looking great in all devices. And having a look you will adore

Optimized for Speed

Load fast, don't lose customers

Nobody likes a slow website

Speed makes your visitors customers

Website transfers

Changing domain or host can be a nuinsance

Do you need to change domain or host?

But I can do it for you in no time

Teamviewer Support

Is it difficult for you to manage your website tasks?

I can solve your problems on your own screen

We can set up an appointment so I can complete these tasks with you on you screen!

Website Updates

Updates help keep your site secure

Because safety matters

Keep your website updated so that you do not get hacked

Get Trained

Contact me to schedule your wordpress training

Manage day to day tasks

I can teach you how to manage daily tasks

Get your new website or fix the issues your website has

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