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Why i switched from Prestashop to Woocommerce

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I always believed Prestashop had better capabilities than Woocommerce. After all, it is a specialized application for e-shops. So it should be better! However, each time I developed something with Prestashop , I run into problems. Most of them had a solution. That last one however did not! Version was Prestashop The product had combinations. [...]

True of False about websites

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Wordpress has limited capabilities. If i need a better website i should go to a big company to develop it FALSE. You might want something more if you are a company like Microsoft. But for 90{be1d0f533c71fb6c2049dc1cd2ff42bef2427179838dfda229c6afe50e2387bf} of professionals, wordpress has unlimited capabilities. You just need the right developer with the right tools I am just a [...]

Optometry Exclusive

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This is an ongoing project for quite some time, since the client is really slow at sending the required information. It started as a prestashop project, but when i tried to insert the variable products, prestashop hung. So i set it in Woocommerce. Actually, this project was the reason i decided never to use Prestashop again. [...]

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