I always believed Prestashop had better capabilities than Woocommerce. After all, it is a specialized application for e-shops. So it should be better!

However, each time I developed something with Prestashop , I run into problems. Most of them had a solution. That last one however did not!

Version was Prestashop The product had combinations. 4-5 parameters that should be combined actually. Power, Axis,Diameter, Eye. Each of them had multiple values. And then I ran into the issue: the system was unable to handle the combinations. It was CRASHING. The save buttons were not loading, it was timing out and the worst of all, you could not modify anything in the product afterwards. If you made one mistake(like forget a value), you had to create all the combinations AGAIN. It was impossible to change the category of the product and editing actually required an external plugin that costs $250.

It took me around 3 days and my eyes were getting sore. So I made the big decision:I migrated into woocommerce. I still didnt have many products so it was the correct time to do it.

Then I realized the advantage of Woocommerce in that field:Variations could be created 50 at a time(or any number you wanted with a small modification). You could edit only one. System was not crashing.

Of course, I am still creating variations for that product(3 days now), since it has around 12000 and counting. But the system is more stable, and it gives me better control. I can create the variations for the product and do other things in wordpress as well, like add other products, configure the system etc. It does not crash.

Moreover, It is more user friendly, so my client will be able to handle it better.

I start wondering why these Prestashop people, that have developed a CMS only for eshops, do not take care of the bugs.

As far as I am concerned, Woo is my first choice now for e-commerce, as well as for website development in general