WordPress has limited capabilities. If i need a better website i should go to a big company to develop it

FALSE. You might want something more if you are a company like Microsoft. But for 90{be1d0f533c71fb6c2049dc1cd2ff42bef2427179838dfda229c6afe50e2387bf} of professionals, wordpress has unlimited capabilities. You just need the right developer with the right tools

I am just a small businessman. I believe I do not need a website

FALSE. You need a website no matter how big or small your business is. Just think at how much time your customers will save just by visiting your website instead of your shop. You definitely need a website. But you need one that will catch your customers’s eyes

They told me I can hire a freelancer over the internet to develop my website.

TRUE. You can hire a freelancer to develop your website. You will not get ripped off and you will probably have better technical support. You just need the right freelancer.

I own a small shop. I am thinking of making an eshop to expand my business. I believe I can make good profit.

TRUE. You can expand your business with an eshop and make good profit. You will sell everywhere you like. Lots of people prefer to buy over the internet because the prices are lower.