I recently took over a website that was created on a really tight budget. As soon as I logged in I realized something was totally wrong.

  1. The website had redundant plugins that showed it was an actual copy of another website.
  2. The theme, although bought from Themeforest, was not registered, missing half the functions
  3. There was a terrible mess in the css code
  4. Half the forms were not working because there were errors in the code
  5. There was no child theme
  6. The website took almost 20 seconds to load.
  7. The server was actually crashing all the time since wordpress actually had higher requirements
  8. Support was not working on the weekend. So the developer had to have a 9-5 Monday to Friday schedule to work on the site!

So the first issue was to get rid of that source files from the Duplicator plugin. There was a huge warning in the backend that this was a REALLY BIG SECURITY ISSUE.  Then I fixed the form errors and created a child theme. It seems that most people underestimate the importance of a child theme. The thing is, if you use the main theme and make a change in the files, it is lost after an update. A child theme is the only way to be sure you will not lose your customizations.

Then there was the loading time. The plugin for cache was there, but it was not set up!No adjustments had been made. Still the customer was told there was no way the site could be faster. After I did my magic, it was down to 5-6 seconds. 15 seconds less.

Then there was the issue with the hosting. I was reaching max CPU load each time I did something like a back up from wordpress back end. With each full restoration, there was a crash and I had to call support. There was no ticket system and no hosting panel!

And the last but not least: they complained I was working on the weekend and they were not!

I guess they actually forgot they are a hosting company, meaning they should offer support over the weekend as well. At least for important issues, like the site being completely down. They were not a public service institution. Someone with a website needs it to be available 24/7 and will not wait for 2 days for a recovery.

To be honest, that last one was the simplest to solve. I moved the site to another hosting company.

What was the company’s answer to the site set up issues: “What did you expect for such a low budget!”.

Ok..the budget was low, but the issue here was not the money. It was that the customer had not been informed what they were paying for. They were happy to get it for a low budget. But they probably believed it would be working. Which was not. In cases like this, the seller should be honest: At this budget you get this, this and this. If you want more, they cost that much. So the customer is aware and decides by himself.

As for the hosting issue, I believe that ANY SERIOUS hosting company should have security personnel to solve at least important issues. And a system where you can open tickets and monitor status.

I ll be happy to answer your questions about hosting issues and wordpress problems and messes your website might have. I ll also be happy to check your website and make you an offer for fixing common problems.

Just contact me!